Theater Company of Lafayette

Time of My Life



Theater Company of Lafayette Presents

“Time of My Life”

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Ian Gerber

May 13 – June 4


Read Boulder Magazine’s review of “Time of My Life” here:

Put down that cellphone and listen up: “Time of My Life” promises to be the best restaurant conversation you’ve ever eavesdropped on!
Meet the Strattons: Gerry Stratton has organized a family dinner with his sons Glyn and Adam at his favorite North London restaurant to celebrate his wife Laura’s 54th birthday. As he proposes a toast to happy times, something quite different happens. Family skeletons come tumbling from all directions as stories are ingeniously played out in past, present, and future.
“Time of My Life” has so many of the things I love about theater,” says director Ian Gerber. “A great story, relatable characters, and a streak of dark comedy that will resonate with anyone who understands the joy, sadness and frustration of relationships, family, and just being human.”
“A play by an inspired master craftsman: harsh and funny, simple and cunning, generous but unforgiving.” – London Sunday Times
Note: Due to adult themes, this show is not recommended for children.


Gerry: David Fenerty

Adam: Daniel Freeman

Laura: Darlene Grandy

Stephanie: Erica Illingworth

Glyn: Joe Illingworth

Maureen: Amanda Rhodes

Calvinu, Bengie, Tuto, Aggi and Dinka: Jon Gregory

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