Theater Company of Lafayette



Announcing auditions for Theater Company of Lafayette’s short play festival, “A Midwinter Night’s Scream.”


All the plays were inspired by Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch’s iconic masterpiece, “The Scream.” Writers have been encouraged to explore humor, despair, and the creative process as they consider an artwork that has been described as “an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time.” Many roles are available. Directors for this short play festival include Paul Wells, Hannah Richards, Madge Montgomery, Heather Frost, and Munam Goodwin.

Performances schedule:
February 22-March 3, 2019
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30pm
Sundays 2pm

Rehearsals will begin in December.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the scripts, and will be held at TCL’s home theater, The Mary Miller Theater, 300 East Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO 80026. Please bring a resume and a headshot.

Questions? Email: [email protected]

Some roles are already cast as this project has been in development, but many roles are still available.

The roles for STAGE FLIGHT:
HUGH – a distinguished, attractive, charismatic gentleman, 60 years or older; must have a believable British (posh) accent.
CLARISE – a high school teacher, American, 28-35 years old.
SERVER – small role as server in an airport bar. Preferably female, but can be male. No specific age, but would probably be under 50.
MAN – male, millennial age, SF/comic nerd/geek.
GIRLFRIEND – female, millennial age.
DUDE – male, millennial age, SF/comic nerd/geek
The roles for DESOLATION:
MAN – 30-50 yrs old, no specific race/ethnicity; role requires some screaming.
WOMAN – 30-50 yrs. old, no specific race/ethnicity; role requires some screaming.
The roles for A Girl with the Pearl Earring:
MARIA—early-teens (can be played by someone in their 20’s), effervescent, reminiscent of the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”, smarter than she seems
JOHANNES—late 30’s to late 40’s , Maria’s father, a painter 
The roles for The House of the Vettii:
BETTY VETTII: 30s-50s, a matriarch who is responsible for up keeping the house, the most well to do of the three
PORTIA: 30s-50s, Betty’s neighbor, kind hearted 
QUINTUS: teens, a weakling of sorts, sarcastic
The roles for The Sistine Chapel: 
UMBERTO: 30’s to 50’s, a Monsignor at the Vatican, in love with Ursula
URSULA: 30’s to 50’s, A Visiting Abbess, flirty
MICHELANGELO: late 20’s to 40’s, the famous sculptor, speaks in only Italian (actor does not need to know Italian but needs to be willing to learn a few words in Italian)
The role for Screaming Ed and the Nihilist
JOHN: Hans Jaeger; a nihilist and Edvard’s friend. Must be able to play a simple song on the guitar, any age, any gender.
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