Theater Company of Lafayette


   Held at the Mary Miller Theater, 300 E. Simpson St., Lafayette

Theater Company of Lafayette Presents:
for the regional premiere of
“Sherlock Holmes: Assassins at Sea” by C.P. Stancich – an original Sherlock Holmes mystery!
Directed by Fred Finke

The play is set at the turn of the century, which positions it in the middle of the publication of the Sherlock Holmes run (1887-1927). The setting is Baker Street; a dark alley of London; and the ocean liner, Elyssia, sailing to America.

DATE: December 13 and 14. Choose one night to attend.
TIME: 7 p.m. The theater will be open at 6:30 p.m. so you may review sides and fill out an audition form.
WHERE: The Mary Miller Theater, 300 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette.
DETAILS: Cold readings from the script. British accents required. Other accents as noted. (There will be dialect coaching for accents, if needed.) Non-paid, non-equity roles.
PERFORMANCE DATES: Fridays and Saturdays in March, with two Sunday matinees on March 13 and 20. Tech week: February 28 – March 3. Please bring your calendars to note any conflicts! Everyone must be available for tech week and all performances.

Note: The cast will be announced after auditions on Dec. 14 and rehearsals will start on Dec. 15 and 16 with initial blocking.

After a long layoff for the holidays we begin rehearsals in earnest on Jan. 18, 2016. Rehearsals are generally held Mon-Thurs evenings at the theater.

Questions? Contact the director at: [email protected]


Sherlock Holmes: (Middle age to older) The great detective. (Much of the show will be done in disguise with a Hindu accent, plus his standard British).

Dr. Watson: (Middle age to older) A true-blooded Englishman, bright enough… unless he stands next to Holmes. He will double as a Parson in disguise.

Dove: (A dashing middle age) Impetuous adventurer, businessman. Quite charming.

Lady Constance: (Young to middle age) An altruistic aristocrat.

Barlow: (Young to middle age). A parson. (Will double as the Purser and a Thug.)

Olga Belasova /Sigrid Simm: (Middle age) As Olga, a histrionic, brash, brunette with a loud, distinct Russian accent; as Sigrid, a flattering but insistent English blond.

Claudia: (Younger~early 20s) A nervous gentlewoman on the run. Dove’s foil.

May: (Slightly younger than Claudia) A bolder gentlewoman. Busby’s foil.

Busby: (Approximately the same age as May) A former Baker Street Irregular (brash informant for Holmes) who doesn’t quite have the manners of the others. Cockney accent.

Mrs. Hudson / Trudy: (Middle age to older) As Mrs. Hudson, a
Scottish landlady. As Trudy, Lady Constance’s companion.

Steward: (Young to middle age) A steward on the Elyssia. (Will double as a Thug.)

If Sherlock Holmes is not your cup of tea, try this:

Theater Company of Lafayette Presents:

“Time of My Life” by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Ian Gerber
DATE: January 11 and 12. Choose one night to attend.

Callbacks on Wednesday, January 13, if needed.
TIME: 7 p.m. start time.
WHERE: The Mary Miller Theater, 300 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, Colo. 
DETAILS: There will be cold readings from the script. Please bring head shot and resume, if you have one. It is strongly suggested that you are familiar with the play before auditions. The theater will be open at 6:30 p.m. for you to review sides and fill out an audition form. British accents will be required. (Dialect coach provided during the rehearsal process.) Non-paid, non-equity roles – just a whole lot of fun!
PERFORMANCE DATES:  May 13 – June 4 (Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM). One Sunday matinee on May 22 and one Thursday evening performance on May 19.
TECH WEEK: May 8-12. All actors must be available for tech week.
Love, tragedy, hysterical and dark humor — and some fascinating time-bending theater, from famed English playwright, Alan Ayckbourn.
Gerry Stratton has organized a family dinner, with his sons Glyn and Adam and their partners, to celebrate his wife Laura’s 54th birthday. He proposes a toast to ‘happy times’ — but that is not exactly what occurs. Family skeletons come tumbling from all directions as we get images of Glyn and Stephanie’s story unfolding in the future scenes. At another table, in the same restaurant, Adam and Maureen’s story is ingeniously played out in reverse chronology, with Gerry and Laura remaining in the present time analyzing their marriage and recalling first love.
“A play by an inspired master craftsman and cunning psychologist working at full stretch: harsh and funny, simple and cunning, generous but unforgiving.” – London Sunday Times
Questions? Feel free to e-mail the director, Ian Gerber, at: [email protected]
Gerry Stratton – self-made business man; head of family – 50ish
Laura Stratton – Gerry’s wife – 50ish
Glyn Stratton – their elder son – 25-30
Adam Stratton – their younger son – 20-25
Stephanie – Glyn’s wife – 25-30
Maureen – Adam’s new girlfriend – 20-25
Calvinu, Tuto, Aggi, Bengie, Dinka- waiters in the restaurant, all played by the same versatile character actor – 40s-60s