The Norwegians



Theater Company of Lafayette Presents

“The Norwegians”

A Delightful New Dark Comedy

May 1 – May 23

Theater Company of Lafayette is proud to present the regional premiere of “The Norwegians,” a play hailed by The New York Times as a “profane and playfully dark comedy that is often hysterical.”

Written by C. Denby Swanson, and directed by TCL veteran Madge Montgomery, this quirky comedy revolves around two women, Olive and Betty, and the really, really nice gangsters – Norwegian hit men – they hire to whack their ex-boyfriends.

Neither Olive nor Betty were prepared for the Norwegian men they would fall in love with  – the practical, warm, thoughtful, destructive, evil, jilting kind. It’s not a bad business to be a hit man in Minnesota – 83 percent of your clients want to take out their ex (oofda!). Betty has referred Olive to Gus and Tor, a partnership in the whacking business. What Tor doesn’t know is that Gus has been sleeping with the clients. What Olive doesn’t know is that Gus is Betty’s own ex, and she has already put out a hit on him with a Swiss firm. Can Betty call off the job in time to let Gus do his? Should she?


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