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Theater Company of Lafayette announces auditions for “Blood Privilege” by Don Fried. Directed by Brian Miller.

WHEN: December 5 and 6, 7-9 PM. Call-backs December 7th

Sign up here:

(Please direct any questions to Brian Miller at [email protected]  A perusal script can be emailed to you.)

WHERE: The Mary Miller Theater, 300 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO 80026

WHAT: Cold readings from the script

Performance Dates: March 3 – 25, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, one Sunday matinee at 2 pm, and one Monday night industry night at 7:30 PM. Actors must be available for tech week: February 27 – March 2.

Rehearsals will very likely be Monday through Thursday evenings, beginning in Mid-January. A final schedule will be developed after the show is cast. Please be prepared to list all potential conflicts.

ABOUT BLOOD PRIVILEGE: Elizabeth Bathory is known as the notorious “Blood Countess” of sixteenth century Hungary, who according to legend, became one of the most renowned serial killers of all time in an ill-fated effort to maintain her youth. The play explores the circumstances of her life, from her youth, her growth into a highly capable manager of her family’s estate, and as she ages, her increasingly fanatic obsession with her beauty. In the end, she is destroyed by the King in whose court she serves. The play touches on themes of sexuality, feminism, political power, and morality. There are significant parallels to the current political climate.

This is an as-yet unpublished play by Don Fried, who lived in the Boulder area until a few years ago. The play has now been performed professionally in New York, London and Philadelphia, and we are pleased that the playwright has given permission to Theater Company of Lafayette to perform it in Colorado.

Available Roles: We are not firm about the listed age ranges, and will cast based on the best fit for each character.

Countess Erzebet Bathory: (F) Ranging in age from sixteen to her mid-50s throughout the play.

Andras: (M 15 – 25) A young servant

Katalin Lovasz: (F  15 – 25) A servant, but close confidant for the young Countess

Count Gyorgy Thurzo: (M 30 – 50) An older cousin to the Countess

King Rudolf II: (M 30 – 50) the King of Hungary, and titular guardian to the Countess

Count Ferenc Nadasdy: (M 30 – 50) A ruthless and ill-mannered warrior, married to the Countess

Szilva Mesko de Kehida: (F 30 – 50) A trusted aide to the Countess, who manages the successful estate

Lorand Sigray: (M 30 – 60) A suitor to the Countess, but at the same time, a devious associate of the King

Balasz Pataky: (M 30 – 50) Personal Physician to the Countess

 The X-Files:  The Spoof is Out There



Theater Company of Lafayette is adapting (with a heavy dose of parody) the much loved Sci-Fi TV series from the 90’s, The X-Files, and we’ve selected the cult favorite episode, Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’ to stage!! The production will be directed by Madge Montgomery.

Auditions are Thursday, December 15th 7 – 9 PM. Sign up here:

Questions?  Contact the director at [email protected]

Performance Dates: Friday April 7 at 8 PM, Saturday, April 8 at 8 & 10 PM, Sunday, April 9 at 6 PM, Friday, April 14 at 8 PM, Saturday, April 15 at 8 PM.

Actors must be available for tech:  Wednesday and Thursday, April 5th and 6th, Evening.

Rehearsals will be two times per week, including Sunday afternoons. The exact schedule will be created after the show is cast. Please be prepared to list all potential conflicts.

Available Roles:

Harold Lamb (Older Teen; abductee)

Chrissy Giogio (Older Teen; abductee)

Jose Chung (Middle aged, either gender; writer investigating an alien abduction)

Scully (Female FBI Agent)

Mulder (Male FBI Agent)

Ensemble (5 or more actors to play all the rest of the roles)

Rocky Crikenson (An electrician who becomes a spiritual leader)

Two “Grey” Aliens

Lord Kinbote (Large scary alien)

Chrissy’s Father/Mother

Detective Manners

Fingers (Hypnotist)

Two Men(or Women)-in-Black

Alex Trebek (or other TV personality)

Two CIA Agents (either gender)

Two Air Force Men or Women

Blaine Faulkner (Youngish Believer)

Police Officers

The Amazing Yappi (a psychic)

Air Force Major Robert Vallee

Lieutenant Jack Schaffer

Diner Cook


AUDITION NOTICE – HAIR: the American Tribal Love Rock Musical

Theatre Company of Lafayette


Directed by Heather Frost

Musical Directed by Linda Luchtenburg

Choreographed by Lena Murphy-Trinh

Assistant Directed by Robert Payo

Questions contact: Erik Wilkins, Production Manager [email protected]



Hair tells the story of Vietnam-era youths awkwardly but exuberantly creating their own rite of passage through the confusion around them. Among them are Claude and Berger; a pair of friends battling against Claude’s draft notice, and Sheila, who is in love with both of them, but her politically-active lifestyle leaves her little time to act on her feelings. Ultimately, Claude decides to go to Vietnam. With themes of alienation and civil disobedience Hair illustrates the ’60s generation’s search for meaning through various “be-ins,” “love-ins” and protests.



You must be 18 to audition.  This is a multicultural cast of characters.  We are looking for about 18 men and women.  All roles are non-equity.  A very modest stipend will be offered.

There is an optional scripted nude scene.  This option will be discussed with the cast.  Actors are not required to go nude so please still audition if this would prevent you otherwise.  More information about this scene will be provided at auditions.



1)         16-32 Bars of an upbeat song from any compatible musical theatre work. No acapella accepted.   Accompanist available.

2)         No longer than a 2 minute comedic monologue (firm)
3)         Please be prepared to tell a joke (of any kind) or a very short story (true or made up) no longer than 1 minute.
4)         Please bring a resume, headshot, and list of conflicts from March 1 – May 31

5)         Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out audition form.

6)            Wear comfortable clothes



Sign up for an audition time here:


Saturday January 28, 2017, 11 am – 4 pm

Sunday January 29, 2017, 1 – 5pm



Mary Miller Theatre

300 E Simpson St

Lafayette, CO 80516


CALL BACKS by invitation only:

Saturday February 4, 2017 10 am – 2 pm



Curtain at 7:30 except Sunday performances will be afternoon matinee

June 2017

1, 2, 3, 4

9, 10, 11

14 (Discount ticket night)

16, 17, 18

22, 23, 24


Begins March (start date based on casting) and tentatively runs weekday evenings 7 – 10 pm and occasional weekend day depending on cast conflicts.  Everyone must be available for tech week starting May 24, 2017.  We will have rehearsal the evening of May 29th which is Memorial Day.



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