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The Tempest

Taste of Shakespeare, sponsored by The Longmont Theatre Company and the Theater Company of Lafayette, announces open auditions for “Tempest”, directed by Brett Landis.

Some roles require singing and/or dancing – see character list for details. 

We invite actors of all races and ethnicity to audition for any part. Similarly, we invite actors who are of any gender or gender-non-conforming to audition for any part. Characters are labelled “man” and “woman”, but may be played by an actor of any gender.

Performances are at a variety of venues around the northern Front Range. Many of them are outdoors. See a complete list of locations and dates here.


Audition request form

Where Main auditions: Longmont Theatre, 513 Main Street, Longmont CO. [MAP]Callbacks: Private home, at 6704 Sunburst Ave, Firestone, CO 80504 [MAP]
When Saturday, May 19, 2018, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, by appointment. Please complete the form (link above) and the producer will contact you to set an appointment time.Callbacks will be on May 20, 2018, from Noon to 4:00 pm. You only come to call backs if you are, in fact, called back.

Rehearsals will be Mon – Thu, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, in Longmont CO, and (most of the time) will be outdoors. A final schedule will be provided to the cast.


Short (2 minutes or less) Shakepearean monologue, memorized. NOT the “Ring speech”, and not anything from “Tempest”.

For singing roles, prepare 16 bars, a capella. For non-singing roles, be prepared to sing “Happy Birthday”, a capella.

For musicians, prepare 16 bars on your instrument. Guitar or hammered dulcimer a plus.

For dancing roles, please prepare 4 counts of 8 of movement. If you need music, please bring it on a machine that can play it loudly enough to be heard.

Call backs will be cold readings with scene partners.


Bring a headshot and resume to auditions, and a list of all conflicts between auditions and the day AFTER the end of the show run (July 21 – Aug 13). Final set strike and storage is the day after the final show.

Actors are expected to participate in set construction on weekends during the rehearsal period, and with strike after the show closes.

Several of the performances are outdoors. Actors are expected to travel to performance venues, and assist with setup and strike of set on each performance.

No pay, no equity.

Prospera – Woman, 40s-70s, the deposed Duchess of Milan who has been stranded on the island for many years.  Prospera possesses magical abilities and can control the spirits, so the actor, while not dancing herself, will need to interact with the actors who dance.
Miranda – Woman, teens-20s, Prospera’s daughter, raised on the island, wild and impetuous, in love with Ferdinand and passionate
Ariel – Man or Woman, any age, will need to have strong movement and willingness to learn aerial pole, preferred if this actor also has strong singing abilities.  Ariel is the lead spirit and works for Prospera to earn his/her freedom.
Caliban – Man, 20s-50s, Prospera’s slave and son of the prior inhabitant of the island.  Caliban is driven by revenge and lusts after Miranda.
Ferdinand – Man, teens-20s, Prince of Naples, noble and brave, but over-educated and somewhat awkward around girls.  In love with Miranda and very respectful.
Alonso – Man, 40s-70s, King of Naples, Ferdinand’s father.  A powerful king at home, but easily confused by new situations and when dealing with strong emotions.
Antonio – Man, 30s-70s, Prospera’s brother and current Duke of Milan.  Deposed Prospera by allying with Naples.  Enjoys his new power and seeks more.
Sebastian – Woman, 30s-70s, Alonso’s sister, very friendly with Antonio.  Seeks power and influence.
Gonzalo – Man or Woman, 40s-70s, long-time counselor to Naples, friend of Prospera, but loyally serves Naples at present.
Trinculo – Man or Woman, any age, Alonso’s servant
Stephano – Man or Woman, any age, Alonso’s butler
Sea Nymph (Juno) – Woman, over 18, must have strong dance skills, willingness to learn aerial pole, and singing abilities.  Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage.
Wood Nymph (Ceres) – Woman, over 18, must have strong dance skills, willingness to learn aerial pole, and singing abilities.  Goddess of Fertility and Harvest.
Air Nymph (Iris) – Woman, over 18, must have strong dance skills, willingness to learn aerial pole, and acting abiltiies.  Goddess of Rainbow, Messenger to the Gods.
Other spirits (Fire Spirit, Rock Creature, Mermaid, Wind, Insect Creature) – must be willing to learn aerial pole, some may need singing abilities.


Huh?  For questions, please contact the producer, Jim Porter.