Theater Company of Lafayette


Theater Company of Lafayette
announces auditions for

WHEN: Auditions will be held on Sunday, August 27th and Monday August 28th at 7 PM. Callbacks, if needed, will be held on Tuesday, August 29th.

Rehearsals will be held from August 30 – October 26.  Performances will Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, October 27 – November 19, with one Thursday performance on November 17th.

WHERE: Mary Miller Theater, 300 East Simpson Street in Lafayette, Colorado.

The audition will consist of cold readings from the scripts. No monologue is needed. To snag an audition spot, please sign up at:

We will be presenting our own take on three episodes of the classic television series, and we will also reimagine three vintage commercials from the same era. The role of Rod Serling has already been cast. Many roles are available. Actors will receive a small stipend.
Here is information on our three episodes:

The Hunt
Directed by Ian Gerber

The Hunt is a humorous, Twilight Zone wink at an old Blue Ridge Mountain folk tale of a man and his dog, Hyder Simpson and Rip, who drown while out raccoon hunting one summer night. This episode explores how they deal with the choices of where to spend eternity as they are met at the gates of Heaven and… the other place, by an angel and the devil.

Available Roles:
HYDER SIMPSON, age range 55-75… must love dogs and be able to improvise with one…. Cause you are never 100% sure what a dog will do on stage!
RACHEL SIMPSON, 55-75, HYDER’s wife and eventual grieving widow
WESLEY MILLER and TILLMAN MILLER, 16-30, gravediggers and townspeople (can be male or female)
Rev. WOOD, 25-70 (can be male or female)
GATEKEEPER (Devil) – 25-65, male or female
MESSENGER (Angel) – 25-65, male or female

(Being able to do a slightly southern/”backwoods-folksy” accent will do well for this episode)

IMPORTANT: Everybody in this show, at one point or another, will possibly interact with RIP, the dog. Already pre-cast in the role is Sheila T. Shepherd a two year-old, 32 pound shepherd/healer mix who loves everybody. But if there is a fear or allergy around dogs, this may not be the episode for you.

The Lonely
Directed by Don Thumim

Jane Corry is a convict living alone on an asteroid. Allenby, the police captain who visits her occasionally to bring supplies, presents her with a robot for companionship. But Jane falls in love with the robot, with tragic consequences.

Available Roles:
Jane Corry, 25-40
Allenby (M or F), 30+
Alex (M), a robot – actor should be 25-40
Adams (M/F) – Allenby’s colleague
Carstairs (M/F) – Allenby’s colleague

The Trade-Ins
Directed by Vonalda Utterback
John and Marie Holt have been married for a great many years. Age is catching up with them and John is frequently in pain. They visit the New Life Corporation where they have the opportunity to have their consciousness transferred to new, younger bodies. However, once at New Life, they discover they only have enough money for one transfer.

Available Roles:
John Holt – M/age 50+
Marie Holt – F/age 50+
Mr. or Ms. Vance (salesperson at New Life Corporation) M/F any adult age
Two male models – (must be willing to appear on stage in a swimsuit) M/ age 20s-30s
Two female models – (must be will to appear on stage in a swimsuit) F/ age 20s-30s
Young John Holt – (doubles with one of the male models) – see above
Mr. or Ms. Faraday (heads up the gambling operation – may double with model) – see above
Two or three additional gamblers (may double with models) – see above
Receptionist – M/F – (may double with model) – see above

In addition, there will be several roles for teens and adults available in three commercials, directed by Madge Montgomery and Heather Frost.